Australian Courtworks Staff: Alwasy Hitting Winners.

Australian Courtworks, Inc. takes great pride in its work and its employees. We have a dedicated team in place to make sure any challenge you are faced with in the tennis industry will be solved in a prompt and timely manner. 


Whether its construction related, resurfacing courts, or accessories, our group of professional employees can handle anything that is served our way.


Below you will see some of the employees that make Australian Courtworks, Inc. one of the mosty successful and trusted tennis court construction companies out there. 


Max Nalder


Bio: Max started playing tennis at the age of 5 in Australia. He attended private high school in Perth, Western Australia where he was the #1 player on the team that won numerous state and inter-school titles. After completing high school, he recieved a scholarship to Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. After graduating from Belhaven University, he became a tennis professional at the Colonial Country Club and the Jackson Country Club in Jackson, MS. In 1982 he started a career in tennis court construction working for a local company in Jackson. In 1988 he branched off to found Australian Courtworks, Inc. 

Project Manager/Sales


Zak Nalder


Bio: Zak graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi where he received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Construction Engineering. He has been working for Australian Courtworks, Inc. during his summers off since 2001 and joined the company full time in 2010. He handles the day to day operations, as well as helps with proposals and design aspect of the projects. 

Office Manager

Lori Williams


Bio: Lori graduated from Mississippi State University with Bachelor's Degree in Banking/Finance. She has been with Australian Courtworks, Inc. for over 5 years and is responsible for all day to day office operations. 

Tabby Dewitt


Bio: Tabby has been with Australian Courtworks, Inc. for 5 years and responsible for all items related to accessories, proposals, and specifications. She also helps with scheduling of projects and all construction personnel involved with the projects. 

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